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 Rules of the FC

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PostSubject: Rules of the FC   Sun Jul 19, 2009 8:35 pm

Please read before or after registration:

Rules/information about the FC:

-This Fan Club is unofficial.We don't claim SHINee,their musics,albums,shows,images,or ANYTHING RELATED TO THEM.SHINee belongs to SM.
-This is for European fans.If you moved into Europe but were born in other continent,that's not a problem - if you live in Europe,you can join.Or if you were born in Europe but are away in another continent for a short period of time for example studying,but you'll come back to Europe,you can join too.
-We don't own any copyright,don't claim anything as our own.This FC was done just to gather the European fans of this amazing band.This was made for fun,not for commercial purposes.
-Antis aren't welcome.Please don't bash SHINee.
-If you know European fans who have internet and don't know the FC,please tell them to join if they want.We want to make this community as big as possible so SHINee can know that we exist =)

Rules about posting,etc:

-Don't make flood or off-topic;
-Topics containing sexual things,racism or anything that can make other people feel offended will be deleted;
-If you have any doubt,just ask on the proper topic (Talk with the Admins);
-Have fun!

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Rules of the FC
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